GUADEC 2015 Gothenborg, Sweden 1st Day

2015-08-07 18.45.52

*njajal nginggris ah, nek pabalatak tulung dikoreksi, previous post.

God morgon!! This morning, I feel better after sleeping enough. Then take breakfast and using tram with small group. I, Siska, and some friend from Germany and Beijing. Because I did’t buy trem card, I plan buy it in trem, but no option use cash, coin or cc and only use trem card. And we just go out to station without buy anything (sometime like illegal passanger) 😀

Then just take walking to the venue about 1km from our trem last stop.

2015-08-07 09.05.19

We arrived at venue just in time. Some volunteers just breafing with Alenxandre Franke. After that I register as attandee and buy GUADEC tshirt @15EUR and enter the main conference room.

2015-08-07 09.26.40

Then opening from board, and first speaker Alexander Larsson talk about “Playing with apps in the sandbox”. After break talk continue from Emmanuele Bassi – “Show, don’t tell: GSK for application developers”.

Lunch time, I meet some people with amazing projects. Talking about anything geek and recent issue about open source. For luch I and Siska go to Saluhallen (Market Hall) looking for halal and cheaper food.

Back again to venue start talking with Matthew Waters (We meet again after GNOME.Asia 2015, Depok). after that back to schedule. Join class from Caolán McNamara – “Porting LibreOffice to GTK3” next talk after short break from Matthias Clasen – “GTK+ can do this ?” and Matthew Waters – “gtkgst: video in your widgets”.

I had something talk with Emily and BinLi about what will we do for BoF GNOME.Asia next Monday. I continue finishing some final report. Back to confernce it time to GSoC students to present their work, their project :). Many amazing project with all fresh idea.

Fedora Swag
Fedora Swag
Presentation from one of GSoC Students
Presentation from one of GSoC Students
Front Of Venue, preapare to picnic location.

After Conference 1st Day done. Time to piknik at Slottskogen. Local committee bring some food, sandwich, fruits, water, beer etc and we party. Talk about random topic (no IT please :)). I go back hostel early because I still have jetlag. Okey, Finish 1st day. See you tomorrow.

Gothenburg setelah matahari terbenam, 21.55
Gothenburg setelah matahari terbenam, 21.55

Thanks to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel and accommodation, and to Btech for sponsoring my time at the conference.


yang lagi njelimet ngenggreis


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