Instagram with Maleo


Do you have istagram account? Yes I do.

After testing run simple page with maleo, I want try run Instagram with maleo. It is like have a instagram desktop apps. (If you have not installed maleo, you can read this guide)

Lets do it.

  1. Create folder for instagram
    $ cd ~/src/ && mkdir instagram-maleo && cd instagram-maleo
  2. Create config.xml fill with this code from github,
  3. Create index.html with fill with this code from github,
  4. Testing run maleo from folder maleo
    $ cd ~/src/maleo/build
    $ ./maleo ~/src/hello
  5. You can clone this repo too from my friend github account
    $ git clone

Done! Next sample is run twitter with maleo. Oh, I have one issue to this sample. I just want make this simple apps can be installed with zypper tool in openSUSE. So I need help to package this app to be rpm file and create to own repository. Something like maleo’ repository for openSUSE. Feel free to contact me if you have interest about this issue.



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