Taiwan, openSUSE, Maleo and Summit

Hi, this is story about my trip to Taiwan for attend openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

This is my second International Conference what I join. The first time is GUADEC 2015 Gothenburg as representative from local organizer of GNOME.Asia Summit 2015, Depok, West Java, Indonesia. And second one is openSUSE Asia Summit as speaker, and it is actually my first time to speak publicly with all audients.

I went from Indonesia with other speakers, Pak Utian and Pak Edwin. I bring talk about Maleo, How to run maleo in openSUSE. You can find my slide from speaker deck.

One day before Summit we came to SUSE Office. Say hello to local committee.

openSUSE Asia Summit 2015

Day One Summit

Pak Utian talk about “Building IaaS Cloud with openSUSE and OpenStack Installation – OpenStack Liberty (Controller, Compute, Network, Storage) on openSUSE Leap 42.1 “. He get long session :). Pak Edwin talk about “Linux for Basic Education, Is It Feasible?“. After Pak Edwin talk, it is my turn to talk about Maleo.


Maleo, the simple way is, how to run html5 app using Maleo (webkit porting using vala). Before can run maleo. We need install Maleo in opensuse. For sample I try instagram and twitter mobile to run natively with Maleo.

Day Two Summit

Day two, rainy in the morning and still many speakers for this session. Unfortunately, not all sessions are english class, so I get difficult to understand all conversation. End the end of summit, I join lightning talk with title “How about Bring Next Year Summit to Yogyakarta, Indonesia”.

Thanks for committee to allow me bring my presentation and openSUSE who bring me a travel support. Thank to Joe Lie, Al Cho for all kind. Thank to Franklin Weng and Eric Sun for invite us to see other side of Taipei  🙂


See you next year.

You can find other photo from here:
[0] https://www.flickr.com/photos/vanmalay/
[1] https://www.flickr.com/groups/opensuse-asia-summit-2015/


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