Applying Indian e-Tourist Visa(eTV)


This mid of March, I get bussines trip to Banglore and Kochin for attend RubyConfIndia. So the main point is how get Indian Visa?

I get clear information from page. Lets do that.

  1. Register online in this page |
    Please prepare your document:

    • Applicant’s Passport should be valid for atleast 6 months at the time of submission
    • Scan 1st page of your passport (pdf format 100kb)
    • Your photo, white background (jpg format, 300×300 max, 100kb)
    • Address in India, person who sponsor of your trip (Name, Address and Phone)
    • Address in Indonesia, Office (Name, Address and Phone)
    • Place to stay (Name Hotel and Address)
    • Date when you plan to visit and which one airport you go first.

    After form is completed, you will receive notification how to pay visa fee.

  2. Pay Visa Fee Online
    • Visa fee is $48 (+ cc fee)
    • I pay whith credit card (just borrow from my friend)

    After you pay visa fee, you will get notif, your application in progress and you need wait for next 72 hours.

  3. Receive eTV Online. eTV Will be sent to your e-mail
    I get my Indian eTV just after 36 hours. It is fast. I get email that tell my application has ben granted. Please print your eTV and bring with your passport and airplane ticket to airport.
  4. Ready fly to Banglore
    Have a nice trips

That all.
And wait for my story about RubyConfIndia



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