openSUSE, Tokyo, Ansible; Story Tales

“Cerita dari Negeri Matahari Terbit”

Foto diambil dari album openSUSE Asia Summit 2017. Thanks Pak Edwinz, Dhenandi, Kukuh, Takeyama, Pak Yan atas fotonya.


This is my third time join openSUSE Asia Summit. Previously at Taiwan, Dec 2015. And last year at Yogyakarta. Last year I join as event coordinator for openSUSE Asia Summit 2016. and present as workshop speaker with tittle Manage Log using ELK Stack in openSUSE.

I came again as workshop speaker with title Testing Ansible Roles using Molecule at openSUSE.

This year, we went from Indonesia with big team. 11 people except me with various background. There are:

  1. M. Edwin Zakaria, veteran contibutor for openSUSE since 1999,
  2. Andi Sugandi, teacher on High School, former President of openSUSE Indonesia Community.
  3. Sendy Aditya Suryana, last year join as Volunteer Coordinator for openSUSE Asia Summit 2016,
  4. Yan Arief Purwanto, since long-long time ago part of openSUSE Indonesia Community.
  5. Kukuh Syafaat, president of openSUSE Indonesia Community,
  6. Syah Dwi Prihatmoko. Currently working as DevOps Engineer at KodeKreatif. Last year join as Speaker too,
  7. Saputro Aryulianto, working as OpenStack Engineer Certified at PT. Boer Technology (Btech),
  8. Umul Sidikoh. Student at STT NURUL FIKRI, last year join for first time as speaker at openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 Yogyakarta.
  9. Alin Nur Alifah. Working as Programmer at Universitas Pertanian Bogor,
  10. Tonny Sabastian, working as CTO at,
  11. Muhammad Dhenandi Putra, working as Engineer at PT. Excellent Infotama Kreasindo,

One Day Before Summit

Committee invite us for welcome party at University. Many new people join. Cozy moment. Some people say hallo, talking about their project, about difference culture, community etc.


Day One Summit


Its rainy day, little bit cold, 12 degree Celsius.

Summit be opening by Takeyama-san with receive album of summit from Indonesia Team as Host for last year to Japan Team.

First Keynote speaker from Richard Brown, Chairman of openSUSE Board), talk about openSUSE update from Nuremberg. Then Omo-san (Kazuki Omo) talk about security at FOSS. Ludwig Nussel from SUSE give talk about roadway to openSUSE Leap 15 which will be release at April 2018.

Lunch break. We all going to Surabaya Restaurant. Of course Indonesia food.

After lunch, various speaker start present on parallel class room.


Day one close by some of lightning talk. And Committee invite dinner with all volunteers and speakers.


Day one end.

Day Two Summit

Weather still cold, and typhoon Lan will arrive Tokyo tonight.

Opening by Takeyama. Talk about who the behind summit this year. And we add special gift, pair of shoes with openSUSE Logo from Sepatu Fans for the best volunteer.

Day two is part of LibreOffice Mini Conference. Some interesting topic; “The Office Suite with Mixing Bowl Culture” by Naruhiko Ogasawara and “A War of File Format ODF vs OOXML” by Franklin Weng.

My workshop will be last slot after tea break. Not many people join my workshop. Demo working smoothly. And gladly, taking 90 minutes, my workshop finish.

Day two summit closing by some lightning talk.

One Day Tour

After typhoon last night, sky very bright. No cloud can be see.

Our destination Asakusa, Tokyo SkyTree, dan Akihabara.


Tuesday, Time to back home


Thanks for committee to allow me bring my presentation and openSUSE who bring me a travel support. Thanks Japan Team, Takeyama-san, Naruhiko Ogasawara, Shinji Enoki.

Thanks to Binar Academy and Peentar to allow me attend this conference.

See you next year.

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