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When you’re planning a trip to Asia, Taipei probably isn’t be the first destination that comes to mind, as it’s often ignored in favor of more popular tourist spots like Tokyo or Hong Kong. But don’t ignore a trip to Taiwan’s big city — it’s an inexpensive, quirky metropolis with some of the best night markets in all of Asia. This is the second time i’ve visited Taipei for openSUSE Asia Summit.

FYI, The last openSUSE.Asia Summit was held in Tokyo, Japan.

Here we go. Me and the famous Mr. gecko!!

Thursday 9 Aug, Day -1 (Travel to Taiwan)

This time, 14 people came from Indonesia to join openSUSE Asia Summit 2018 in Taipei. We divided to 3 groups. One group flight from Juanda Surabaya (Darian, Aftian, Joko, Rania). One group at morning flight from CGK (Haris, Edwin, Estu). Last group with afternoon flight from CGK (Kukuh, Didiet, Rifki, Yan Arief) And 3 others people; Tonny, Iwan Tahari, Siska join a separate flight.

My group is the first team landing in Taiyuan Airport. At international arrival gate, Franklin Weng pick us up to hostel, but we decided to visited Frank office before going to Hostel. We meet Eric Sun and their team. Artistic team who create video for opening ODF Reader on Android. The video created using Blender Software.

22.00 we arrive at hostel. Many thanks to Frank for deliver us. :D. A few hours later, 2 more groups arrived at hostel. We are stay at same hostel. A comfort dormitory with share room. First Hostel, not far from Daan Park. Let call it a day and sleep all the night.

Friday 10 Aug, Day 0 (openSUSE Board and Community Meetup)

Today we plan join meetup at Taiwan SUSE Office after Friday Prayer. We visited Taiwan Grand Mosque, not far from Daan Park and our hostel. Before Friday Prayer, we take breakfast at Sakura Canteen (with Indonesian Food), next to Taiwan Grand Mosque. After praying, we going to SUSE office by walk. We came late to SUSE office, after lost direction. What a day!

Main discussion on SUSE Office

We meet openSUSE boards, SUSE Beijing and SUSE Taiwan, openSUSE Japan, openSUSE Taiwan; Ana Martinez and Simon, Sunny and team, Alcho and team, Takeyama and team, Sakana etc. You can watch meetup video from Sakana here.

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