openSUSE, Tokyo, Ansible; Story Tales

“Cerita dari Negeri Matahari Terbit”

Foto diambil dari album openSUSE Asia Summit 2017. Thanks Pak Edwinz, Dhenandi, Kukuh, Takeyama, Pak Yan atas fotonya.


This is my third time join openSUSE Asia Summit. Previously at Taiwan, Dec 2015. And last year at Yogyakarta. Last year I join as event coordinator for openSUSE Asia Summit 2016. and present as workshop speaker with tittle Manage Log using ELK Stack in openSUSE.

I came again as workshop speaker with title Testing Ansible Roles using Molecule at openSUSE.

This year, we went from Indonesia with big team. 11 people except me with various background. There are: Lanjutkan membaca “openSUSE, Tokyo, Ansible; Story Tales”