GNOME Asia Summit 2019 Report

Here my story attend GNOME Asia Summit at Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik, 12-13 Oct 2019. I came as part of GNOME Foundation Member and as exhibitioner from Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia. We get booth as openSUSE become sponsor for GNOME Asia Summit this year.

It is my third time join GNOME Asia Summit. First at Universitas Indonesia, 2015. My first time held international conference as committee. Second at Taiwan 2018, join with COSCUP and openSUSE Asia Summit.

Pak Edwin, Joko Susilo, Rifky and me will be at same flight from Jakarta CGK to Surabaya SUB. We arrive at Juanda Airport 10PM. And order taxi to reach city. We will stay at Hotel near BRI Tower first. And will travel to venue at the morning.

Foto by Edwin Zakaria

Day 1

Saturday morning, we order taxi and going to venue. After spent 1.5 hours. We arrive at University. But take break feast before join the conference. Arrive at 6th floor. Start registration, get t-shirt. And I meet some speakers. My old friend. Franklin, Shinji, Pak Aftian and many others.

Goody Bags, T-Shirt + Tumbler

Lets prepare for booth. We bring many goods for the booth. We have stikers, magazine, webcam caps, and Gecko, of course. Our booth always crowded. We display a laptop running openSUSE Leap to demo. Many visitors ask, why we must try openSUSE? What the benefits? etc.

The summit opening by traditional dance “Tari-Tari Gembira”, talk from University and from GNOME Foundation. I enjoy the conference. The are many unique style at the conference. Less plastic, for example we get free tumbler for get drink. Snack and lunch will serve at banana leaf. So cool!!.

For day 1. I stay at booth. Answer question from visitor as many as I can. After lunch I join a class “Pegon at GNOME” by Pak Aftian. And back to booth after that. After coffee break, I accidentally bring lightning Talk about “IRGHS”, one of BlankOn product research. Only 5 minute, but still give me goosebumps. I talk partially in Bahasa Indonesia and english. After that, the committee get the session, bring door prize to lucky participant.

After day 1 closing, I follow Kukuh to Shantika. We get invitation for dinner with speakers. But Kukuh need take rest, so skip the dinner. We take dinner near hotel after Pak Andika back to hotel and Kukuh get enought sleep.

Day 2

After take break feast at Hotel, I came to venue with Kukuh. And back to booth until lunch. I get talk with Andre. I meet him first at GNOME Asia 2015 and at GUADEC.
I join talk “The experience of the KLAS roadshow to ignite the spirit of Open Source in East Java, Indonesia” by Darian after lunch. Nice talk about how to encourage people to start engage FOSS Community. After that, I join Syamsul Maarif class, talk about “Current State of BlankOn Linux Development” as me as part of Pengembang BlankOn.

After class session, coffee break, I join to main hall. Watching LT session again. There is Khairul, from Ubuntu Malaysia. He purpose to bring GNOME.Asia Summit 2020 to Kuala Lumpur. Lets do that!

After take photo and closing. We pack up booth and prepare back to Jakarta again. Rifki will not join us. He will going to Solo. But Kukuh will join us. Take taxi and going to Juanda Airport again for last flight to CGK. We arrive at CGK midnight. Take at taxi to city. That is long days for me.


We held two big international conference and same month but in the difference weeks. openSUSE Asia Summit and GNOME Asia Summit. It is cool to see more people came, join and prepare to contribute for FOSS Community like GNOME Desktop or openSUSE. Some people came as speaker, talk for first time. Some come for their first conference in English. :D. I happy see new face, new people join community and hope it will last longer. See you again in online, telegram, facebook and mailing list.

Special thanks to openSUSE for sponsoring my travel.



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