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When you’re planning a trip to Asia, Taipei probably isn’t be the first destination that comes to mind, as it’s often ignored in favor of more popular tourist spots like Tokyo or Hong Kong. But don’t ignore a trip to Taiwan’s big city — it’s an inexpensive, quirky metropolis with some of the best night markets in all of Asia. This is the second time i’ve visited Taipei for openSUSE Asia Summit.

FYI, The last openSUSE.Asia Summit was held in Tokyo, Japan.

Here we go. Me and the famous Mr. gecko!!

Thursday 9 Aug, Day -1 (Travel to Taiwan)

This time, 14 people came from Indonesia to join openSUSE Asia Summit 2018 in Taipei. We divided to 3 groups. One group flight from Juanda Surabaya (Darian, Aftian, Joko, Rania). One group at morning flight from CGK (Haris, Edwin, Estu). Last group with afternoon flight from CGK (Kukuh, Didiet, Rifki, Yan Arief) And 3 others people; Tonny, Iwan Tahari, Siska join a separate flight.

My group is the first team landing in Taiyuan Airport. At international arrival gate, Franklin Weng pick us up to hostel, but we decided to visited Frank office before going to Hostel. We meet Eric Sun and their team. Artistic team who create video for opening ODF Reader on Android. The video created using Blender Software.

22.00 we arrive at hostel. Many thanks to Frank for deliver us. :D. A few hours later, 2 more groups arrived at hostel. We are stay at same hostel. A comfort dormitory with share room. First Hostel, not far from Daan Park. Let call it a day and sleep all the night.

Friday 10 Aug, Day 0 (openSUSE Board and Community Meetup)

Today we plan join meetup at Taiwan SUSE Office after Friday Prayer. We visited Taiwan Grand Mosque, not far from Daan Park and our hostel. Before Friday Prayer, we take breakfast at Sakura Canteen (with Indonesian Food), next to Taiwan Grand Mosque. After praying, we going to SUSE office by walk. We came late to SUSE office, after lost direction. What a day!

Main discussion on SUSE Office

We meet openSUSE boards, SUSE Beijing and SUSE Taiwan, openSUSE Japan, openSUSE Taiwan; Ana Martinez and Simon, Sunny and team, Alcho and team, Takeyama and team, Sakana etc. You can watch meetup video from Sakana here.

Our discussion focus on some point:

  • How to prepare for next summit. We start create guideline for better preparation
  • How to engage more student to join GSOC for openSUSE Project. We plan to choose local coordinator each country to break gap between GSOC/Mentor Team from openSUSE and students from various county, especially Asia.
  • openSUSE Asia Summit album. Takeyama as part of Japan openSUSE team hand over album to Sakana, as local committee for current summit.

Lets finish foods and take photos!! After that, we moved to near building for tonight’s party. COSCUP Welcome Party at Zhangmen Brewing — Breeze Songgao Store. Before party, Libre Office Taiwan invited us for dinner. Sounds like Taiwan Cuisine. Yummy..

19.00 we join the party. Nice place with Taiwan 101 as background. At this party I meet many friend from another community. Some people which I have meet at GUADEC 2015, some people I have meet at GNOME.Asia or FOSSAsia. Let’s call it a Big Reunion.

21.00 we back to hostel by MRT. Let’s rest for tomorrow but wait this is 1 day before Summit and I should check my laptop for prepare my presentation.

Saturday 11 Aug, Day 1 (Opening of openSUSE Asia Summit 2018)

This year, summit is special because joint event between openSUSE Asia Summit x GNOME Asia Summit x COSCUP 2018.

Venue at Taiwan Tech, International Building. Lets register first. I get nice booklet. There are the details of schedule, abstract from speaker, sponsor and etc. You can download apps too for detail of this event just search COSCUP at Google Play.

8:50 to 9:05 opening by Board members (Ana & Simon) at Main Hall. After that I join talk Open Source Social Innovation by Audrey Tang, a civic hacker and Taiwan’s Digital Minister in charge of Social Entrepreneurship.

Then I join Nuritzi Sanchez at 306 Room, The year of the GNOME. Mbak Nur, talk about what happening at GNOME this year; include their move to Gitlab, anonymous donation, etc. Nice talk and very impressive presentation.

Next lunch and move to 304 room. After lunch I join Aftian and Masayuki Igawa. Aftian talk about Nusantara Metode Input at openSUSE. What is Aksara Nusantara and how write using Aksara Nusantara at openSUSE. Nice history.

Masayuki Igawara talk How Building Tiny Private openSUSE Cloud using openstack and small server (1U). Interesting talk and very nice presentation.

After that, I join to 201 room. Get last presentation from  Max Lin. I start to prepare because my turn after Max Lin. I bring presentation about How Jogja Become City of GNU/Linux User Friendly. You can find my slide at this slideshares and read my story about this in Bahasa Indonesia Thank you for all friend who join my class, anyway.

After finish my duty, I join main hall again to watch Ralf Flaxa Talk, The Bright future of SUSE and openSUSE. until drop. First day will be closed by BOF Session.

We parting on three team. Ahmad Haris and Surabaya team join BoF with Libre Office Taiwan at Frank Office. Edwin, Kukuh join openSUSE BOF, here Kukuh start presentation to bid next openSUSE Asia Summit at Bali Island, Indonesia, and Shobha Tyagi bid too for India Team. After watch Kukuh presentation, I join to GNOME BOF.

at GNOME BOF we have some point:

  • Max and Emily step down for Asia Committee after 10 years
  • Review for GNOME Asia Summit.

That’s all for 1st day of summit. Time to back and rest.

Sunday 12 Aug, Day 2 (openSUSE Asia Summit 2018)

I came late, spent morning for rest and catch up for my work. I join 201 room, Alcho with Introduction OBS, Kukuh with openSUSE Leap & Flatpak. After that watch Daniel Lin, Introduction to openSUSE Portus. Last, join 304 room, Yan Arief with, Having fun with KDE:create a Plasmoid.

We start moving to main hall again for the closing Summit.

After summit done. Kukuh, Edwin, Haris and me join COSCUP dinner with openSUSE Board, SUSE Team, GNOME Board, and local committee at Restaurant, using Bus. Try Tiawan Cuasine again. There’s so many dellicious food. Starting with sashimi;raw seafood, crab soup, fried crab, stinky tofu, fried rice, etc.

At 21.30 we came back to hostel.

Monday 13 Aug, Day 3 (One Day Trip)

Many Speaker join one day trip. We gather at Taipei Main Station. After that we visit National Palace Museum using bus from Taipei Main Station. See a lot of historical inheritance. After that, we are going to Taipei 101. Before going up, we get lunch at grand floor Taipei 101. Thanks for local committee to serve Halal Food. After lunch, see Taipei City from 88th floor Taipei 101 Observatory. We lucky can go out site at 92th floor because that day sky is very clear.

17.00 we move to Taipei City Mall, search for GUNDAM. Edwin, Haris and Tonny buy lot of them. Darian, Joko and Aftian leave first to Airport. They flight at tonight. 19.30 we move to Masalut Restaurant. Thanks Eric and Frank for the food. After dinner. Kukuh and team leave to Airport. They flight at tomorrow morning. So, Rania, Haris, Edwin, Iwan Tahari and me will be last team who leave Taipei.


That all my story about my journey at Taipei. I’m happy can join this summit. I think, it is impossible for me get this experience without contribution to community. My contribution not about code, I help prepare local committee to held openSUSE Asia Summit as part of Asia Committee with Edwin, Sunny, Takeyama, Alcho and many other. Joko, Darian, Rania and Rifki; It will be their first time going abroad. What do you feel guys?

Many thank to openSUSE and Binar Academy for travel support. Thanks to Max Huang, Alcho and COSCUP Teams, also thanks to Franklin Weng and Eric Sun for warm welcome!

See you next year summit at Bali(maybe).


Other photo can be access at flicker groups:

PS: other story:

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